Lazy Shoes Bag
Lazy Shoes Bag
Lazy Shoes Bag
Lazy Shoes Bag

Lazy Shoes Bag

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 Tired of washing your shoes by hand? Get the LazyShoesBag™



Size: 28*24.5*8cm

Material: Polyester

Upgraded shoe bag

Mesh quality, durable and easy to machine wash.

With this shoe-washing bag, you can wash your shoes at home. It is clean and convenient. It is easy to put the bag in the washing machine. It is very simple.

Clean and take care of your shoes as easily and safely as possible! Wash your sneakers using this harm-free, worry-free Laundry Shoe Mesh Bags!



FULL SHOE PROTECTION - 360 ° Protection against the risk of washer cleaning. Also prevents shoes from rolling up when washing
FULL FULL 3D FOAM LAYER Features three-dimensional design foam to protect shoes from bump and friction during the cleaning process.
FINE MESH DESIGN - For good ventilation and protection in drying your washed shoes and belongings. This allows water and detergent to pass unobstructed. With large holes for easy drying.

Breathable ANTI-MICROBIAN FIBER - Ensures free air flow for a fresh scent, even when in the bag. Reduces possible hygiene problems.
BIRD HANDLE - Facilitates hanging and drying. For convenient handling purposes as well.
ZONE RESISTANT ZIPPER - Zipper closure keeps bags securely closed and ensures that they do not tangled with other clothing. Its rust resistant zipper will ensure you a smudge-free garment and longer usability.
HANDY & LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight and easy to carry. Can also be used as a travel organizer or storage bag.
LARGE VARIETY OF USES - Great for sneakers, athletic shoes, flip flops, lingerie and other small personal belongings. Use this bag for extra protection and cleaning care.


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